Patrick’s Start to #AYearOfYoga

February 3, 2015

To start his new year off on the right foot, Clutch retoucher Patrick embarked on #AYearOfYoga, an Instagram contest challenging participants to take photos of themselves completing 21 different yoga poses throughout the month of January. Out of the almost 10,000 entries, Patrick was …

National Book Week: Don’s Suggestions

January 19, 2015

With this cold winter weather, are you looking for a new book to curl up with? In honor of National Book Week, our very own 3D/CGI artist and resident bookworm Don has a few suggestions for you!  Why not try out one of these six books from three of Don’s favorite authors for a literary escape from the snow and the shovels….


January 15, 2015

Part of why Clutch Studios is the best at what we do is our team’s deep knowledge of what goes on upstairs in our photo studio. A basic understanding of the physics of photography allows our 3D/CGI team and retouching crew to make the most photorealistic and eye-catching digital artworks, even if the subject isn’t found in the real world like a growing Nutrilite plant or…

#HumansOfClutch: Dave

January 8, 2015

Though we here at Clutch Studios are pro at market content creation and distribution, many of us have passions and hobbies outside of the office as well. In honor of National Hobby Month this January, let’s take a look at what some of us do when we aren’t at 1021 W Adams. First up is Dave, Business Development extraordinaire by day, drummer by night.

In eighth grade, when…

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