Twas December 18th and all through the studio, not a creature was stirring not even a mouse. Because everyone was celebrating upstairs for the Clutch Christmas Party!

With traditions new and old, everyone was sure to have a grand time. The 2nd Clutch Ugly Sweater contest was a close one. Ryan’s frilly teddy bear sweater and Steven’s sweater that changed him into an elf were strong contestants, but nothing could beat Ron’s sweater (which he must have certainly stolen from his grandma!) from winning for a second year in a row. Sometimes, it’s hard to beat the classics!

This year also saw the new Character Secret Santa Swap. Instead of putting our own names in, we each picked a character or public figure. Clark Griswold got his Jelly-of-the-Month, Buddy the Elf some syrup and spaghetti, and Loki received a bag of pranks to cause some mischief.

We also had a photo booth with plenty of silly props. Just about everyone enjoyed¬†being one of Santa’s reindeer or placing others on the naughty list. To check out all of the photos, why not head over to our facebook?